Best and Worst Mexican Food in Denver

Best Denver Mexican Restaurants


Denver is well known for amazing Mexican cuisine.  Locals know there is another secret.  Denver has some killer green chili.  So here it is, a list of local and chain restaurants — the best and worst Mexican restaurants in Denver.

Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill

Category: Mexican

Neighborhood: Southeast

2.0 star rating

The first time I had Rubio’s was at the mall and it was really good, I went back and it was still good. Then like a year later, I went back and they have definitely gone from good to mediocre. I believe they have cheapened the quality of their ingredients. I say that because I have now eaten at this other location and its just not that good anymore.


El Taco De Mexico

714 Santa Fe Dr

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 623-3926

Category: Mexican

Neighborhoods: Southwest, Lincoln Park

3.0 star rating

I am eating the leftovers of my Carnitas burrito from last night right now at work. It is very good except it could use a little something. The Burritos are meat, beans, and rice thats it unless you get it smothered which is definitely the way to go because their green chile is awesome. I need some pico or guac in this thing to truly make me happy.

But I could drink a case of those fruit punch jarritos.


The Pioneer

2401 S University Blvd

Denver, CO 80210

(720) 536-4802

Categories: Dive Bars, Mexican

Neighborhoods: University, Southeast

5.0 star rating

So I finally tried the Rellenos and they are probably the best I’ve ever had.

Suprisingly good mexican food. i had the Carnitas burrito and it is really good with their special made garlic hot sauce that my roommate keeps stealing bottles of. :) My buddy had the chile rellenos and I should have tried them because they looked great, I’m definitely getting next time.

Finally a mexican restaurant close by that isn’t Benny’s.


Benny’s Restaurant & Cantina

301 E 7th Ave

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 894-0788

Category: Mexican

Neighborhoods: Southwest, Capitol Hill

2.0 star rating

I’m not sure why when I moved here, everyone told me Benny’s was such great mexican food. It’s mediocre at best. Nothing onthe menu ever screams at me “Try me!”. I’m done with this place, there is much better mexican in town.


Tacos Rapidos

2800 W Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80219

(303) 935-0453

Category: Mexican

Neighborhood: Southwest

4.0 star rating

Whats rapid about 3 cars taking 15 minutes in the drive thru @ 8.15 on a friday?

I am upping the stars here because I went back and ordered the good stuff. These tacos are humungous. As big as my hand even(is there a way to add pictures?) Carnitas was bomb, Asada good not blow me away, and the Lengua was pretty awesome almost like beef, carnitas style.

However because these tacos are so damn big, I ate the Asada and the Carnitas and could only try the meat of the Lengua, I felt bad but I was really full and didn’t eat the taco.  Two tacos is definitely enough to satisfy, three is just gluttonous.

This is the closest taqueria near me, so I may get to know the menu a bit more.  The should change there name though to Tacos Slowpokos.


TacoMex 1

7840 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80220

(303) 394-7555

Category: Mexican

Neighborhood: Northeast

4.0 star rating

You know I ate at Taco Mex at like 2am once after hookin up with a lesbian from that bar right there C’s, good Al Pastor from the guy outside grillin. I snuck out of her house famished and walked back to the bar, looking for a ride and saw tacos. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to get a cab from Saturdays. Thats an interesting little strip on colfax….


La Hacienda

4360 E Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80222

(303) 753-8902

Category: Mexican

Neighborhood: Southeast

3.0 star rating

So at Carrie’s suggestion and my love of tacos I checked this place out after all its uber close to me and I’ve alway driven by but it looks like a grocery store. Thats because it is a market with a meat counter and some other goods with a taco counter in the back.

Gotta say I was impressed with the salsa bar, very similar to Tacos Y sals #3( I haven’t written my review of that yet, but you’ll wanna read it.), lots of essential varieties.

I got Carnitas- very good, nice clean roast pig flavor, it went ncely with the smoky chipolte salsa. Al Pastor- Good enough to get again but no pineapple, which I think really adds a good heat/sweet balance, but I countered that what i think is a cucumber salsa very mild and a little creamy. And Finally Barbacoa- Inedible, I took 2 bites, the second to make sure I didn’t like it. It tasted like bong water, trust me I never leave an uneaten taco on my plate, no salsa could have saved it.

Overall good character place, I will return even maybe peruse the meat counter a little more thoroughly.


Viva Burrito

6990 Leetsdale Dr

Denver, CO 80224

(303) 320-4753

Category: Mexican

Neighborhood: Southeast

4.0 star rating

I’d say this is one of the best burritos in town. I haven’t tried much else, because I stick to the goods when I find them.

It’s authentic in that yeah you might get a little grizzle with your carne asada, but its so tasty for less than $3.50 a burrito. The breakfast bacon or chorizo burritos are top notch. I used to drive past this place on the way home from boozing downtown and it never disappointed, if I’m in the area I make sure to drive thru, yeah don’t go inside it will make you not like it.

Oh, and I just found out the have a salsa verde after 4 years and its good, ask for both green and red.


Tamayo Restaurant

1400 Larimer St

Denver, CO 80202

(720) 946-1433

Category: Mexican

Neighborhoods: Northwest, Lodo

4.0 star rating

This place rocks, great food and they switch it up alot. Good cocktails, margs and mojitos. I reccomend the Huitlacoche corn soup, if you’ve never had corn fungus, nows your chance!

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